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All driving game admirers should understand how marvelous the OpenWheeler is. The excellence and comfort are identical with those offered by the highest quality seats but for a very cheap price. The OpenWheeler racing seat cockpit ensures the most optimal driver seat position and all-embracing racing car simulation experience for you.

OpenWheeler. Optimal gamer's experience.

OpenWheeler's bending, foldable and sliding authentic car racing chair offers great solidity and satisfaction for persons of any size. This bargain video game driving chair is invented to accommodate any steering wheel model. $400 USD or £270 (two hundred and seventy British pounds) is the game driving seat's monetary equivalent.

Gran Turismo™ Racing Seat
Open Wheeler Racing Seat
OpenWheeler Racing Seat PS3
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Aiming to obtain a Thrustmaster T500 RS? Will OpenWheeler function with it? This is a quite heavy and spacious home racing simulation game wheel setup?

We didn't even have to revise OpenWheeler's shape or any of its constituents! It absolutely operated right away! Thrustmaster wheel kind of confirmed how resilient and upgradeable OpenWheeler...

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Racing Game Simulator Review At present the game chair marketplace is jam-packed. Nonetheless, a very small number of competitors offer a different price range. Most frequently, you receive not too many features for a...

Gran Turismo Racing Seat